Nursing Home

Ira Eaton, Ph.D.

Ira Eaton

Ira Eaton is shown here with his wife, Sheila, outside of their Stonecrest Healthcare, a nursing home in Viburnum, Missouri. Dr. Eaton has written much of this novel from his own feelings and experience in nursing home management spanning some twenty years.

Within the context of a captivating life-story of Gina Oldani's growth from ordinary concern to dedication, Ira weaves insight and practical wisdom about the conduct of nursing homes and effective, caring treatment for our older citizens.
It's a heart-touching story that provokes myriad emotions while at the same time providing philosophical content and practical advice in an area everyone needs eventually. Either you or some loved one will be affected.
In the course of this story, you will be distressed by depravity, elated at human caring, and overwhelmed by the inevitability of the ending. Finally, you'll feel gratified that things have gotten better--because people who really care can make a difference.

Nursing Home. Copyright© 1997 by Ira Eaton. All rights reserved.
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