AVOIDING Attendants from HELL
A Practical Guide to Finding, Hiring and Keeping Personal Care Attendants
June Price

Table of Contents


Who Should Move Out


1. Getting Started (Determining needs)
2. Preliminary Screening for Live-In (Telephone screening)
3. Initial In-Person Interview
4. The Job Application
5. The Interview In Depth (What to ask and listen for)
6. Final Interviewing Phase (Identifying true personality)
7. "It's Shhhow-time!" (Training new PCAs)
8. The Live-In Contract (In detail)
9. "Say, What?" (Communication techniques and pitfalls)
10. Neither a Borrower, Nor a Lender Be (Lending food and money)
11. Sex, Drugs and PCAs (Keeping sex and drugs out of the work place)
12. Perks for Live-Ins (Extras to entice live-ins)
13. The Consumer's Responsibility (Being a responsible employer)
14. The PCA's Responsibility (Avoiding bad employers)
15. The Real ER! (Being medically savvy)
16. Good Care Gone Bad (Mediating disputes and firing PCAs)
17. Rare Pairs (When pairings work)


Appendix A (Sample live-in flyer)
Appendix B (Sample help wanted ad)
Appendix C (Sample employment application)
Appendix D (Sample live-in contract)
Appendix E (Sample medical information sheet)
Appendix F (Resources)
Magazines for People with Disabilities
Independent Living Center
About the Illustrator
About the Author

Analyzing readiness for an independent lifestyle 
Determining personal care needs
PCA screening and interviewing techniques
Training and hiring methods
Avoiding pitfalls in working relationships
Sample want ads, job applications, live-in contracts, medical emergency forms, independent living center contacts and other resources.
Spiral-bound and easy-to-read, the book is designed for "easy access reading."
Descriptive chapter listings for quick reference
Sequential guidelines for hiring quality workers
Examples illustrated in colorful, personal vignettes
Humorous undertones create enjoyable reading 
ISBN: 1-888725-18-4     AVOIDING Attendants from HELL(spiral)

ISBN: 1-888725-19-2     AVOIDING Attendants from HELL(paper)

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